Genomics software streamlines detergent production

17 September 2007

Researchers hoping to alter the genetic code of bacteria to produce more effective enzymes used in detergents are using genomics software to handle the large volumes of genetics data.

LabLogic acquires chromatography equipment supplier

17 September 2007

LabLogic Systems has acquired IN/US Systems, the manufacturer of radio chromatography flow-through detectors and counters for bio-medical research.

Increased licensing of bioinformatics software

17 September 2007

Genmab in the Netherlands has doubled the number of licenses it owns for ActivityBase XE, which it uses to capture and store plate-based screening data.

European systems biology requires greater coordination, report reveals

14 September 2007

Scientists will have to be prepared for greater cooperation if Europe is to exploit systems biology fully , a new report reveals.

New model predicts ethnic violence

14 September 2007

Controversial new research claims that racially motivated disturbances can be predicted using mathematical models based on the ethnic make-up of the population.

Automated LC/MS analysis aids metabolomic research

12 September 2007

Researchers at the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute (VBI) are using innovative liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry (LC/MS) software to ease the load of data in systems biology research.

Scientific computing people

05 September 2007

Luc Missorten is a new director of LMS; Neil Chue Hong is the new director of Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute UK; and Agilent Technologies has appointed William Molnar as vp of its Strategene division.

News in brief

03 September 2007

Elsevier has established an advisory board for its organic chemistry database; the Public Health Agency of Canada has licensed DNAStar's Lasergene software; and QSI has established a new division in France.

New payment program opens ELN software to smaller companies

30 August 2007

Amphora Research has launched a new payment programme for its the PatentSafe software, which will make the ELN software more accessible for smaller biotech companies.

Chemistry database growing at fastest rate ever

28 August 2007

Chemical Abstracts Service has broken its personal record for the largest number of entries added to the CAplus database in a single week. In the week beginning July 30, 24,623 records were entered.

Free seminar highlights advantages of LIMS across industries

28 August 2007

Accelerated Technology Laboratories and Microsoft are to host a free, educational seminar on the use of Laboratory Information Management Systems to streamline laboratory operations.

Grid computing helps prevent water pollution

28 August 2007

A UK e-Science project is using grid computing to solve two pressing environmental problems. One result could prevent arsenic from leaching into drinking water from the bedrock.