Credit: Ferrari Competizioni GT

Ferrari proves HUD concept can enhance racing safety

04 February 2021

A collaboration between Ansys and Ferrari has driven innovation in heads-up displays (HUD) for use in elite racing

The University of Pisa bolsters its remote education and medical research projects using NVMe storage

03 February 2021

The University of Pisa is using Dell EMC PowerStore, to accelerate its infrastructure modernisation efforts in the face of changing remote learning and research demands

HPC modelling tool uncovers NO2 pollution in Barcelona

27 January 2021

Some 20 per cent of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) concentrations from vehicles in Barcelona are due to diesel cars and vans that largely exceed the European Union legal emission limits

Dotmatics collaboration to provide a single software interface for lab digitalisation

26 January 2021

Dotmatics, a scientific informatics software and services company has announced a partnership with HighRes Biosolutions (HighRes), that will enable scientists to plan experiments and run instruments from the ELN

Machine-Learning research opens path for edge learning

20 January 2021

Researchers at CEA-Leti have demonstrated how resistive-RAM (RRAM), or memristor, technology can be used to create intelligent systems for use in edge learning

Image from the NERC Earth Observation Data Acquisition and Analysis Service (NEODAAS) Copernicus Sentinel 2B Data

Environmental researchers benefit from HPC resources

14 January 2021

UK environmental researchers will be able to access a new high performance computing (HPC) facility at the Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML), developed to help scientists to apply artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning models to Earth observation data

The University of Pisa adopts new storage technology to support its GPU infrastructure

11 January 2021

Researchers at the University of Pisa will be able to support new scientific computing workloads using a storage technology developed by E4 Computer Engineering and other industry partners to support high-performance, low-latency storage architectures

IBM Appoints Martin Schroeter as CEO of "NewCo" spinout

08 January 2021

IBM has announced the appointment of Martin Schroeter as chief executive officer of the independent company that will be created following the separation of IBM's Managed Infrastructure Services business (NewCo)

Industry collaboration leads to an important quantum computing milestone

05 January 2021

Researchers at the Niels Bohr Institute are working to overcome obstacles in developing a working quantum computer as part of a pan-European collaboration with French microelectronics developer CEA-Leti

European Commission announces €7.5 billion programme to accelerate AI and HPC

15 December 2020

The European Commission has announced a new €7.5 billion Digital Europe Programme to accelerate the recovery and drive the digital transformation of Europe

SPEC announces a major update to its storage benchmark

15 December 2020

The Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) has released a new version of its storage solution benchmark. The software includes new features for AI and genomics workloads, expanded customisation, better scaling, and statistical visualisation.

Cambridge University launches Master’s degree in the responsible use of AI

08 December 2020

Cambridge University has launched a new degree in AI Ethics which aims to teach professionals how to use AI for good