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Brooks Automation open a biorepository to accelerate personalised medicine research

08 October 2021

The two-story biorepository is managed by Azenta Life Sciences, Brooks' recently re-branded life sciences division, and includes ultra-cold and cryogenic storage for researchers at Cleveland Clinic and other institutions

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OCF and Run:AI partnership aims to improve the management of AI workloads

05 October 2021

OCF, high-performance computing (HPC), storage, cloud and AI integrator, has partnered with Run:AI, a cloud-native compute management platform for the acceleration of AI

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CliniSys to provide a single laboratory information system for Northern Ireland

01 October 2021

CliniSys has won a major contract to deploy a single laboratory information system across Northern Ireland as part of a modernisation programme to create a world-class pathology service for the country

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Two NHS hospitals implement closed-loop medication supply using FHIR standards

29 September 2021

The University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust will be the first to implement NHS closed-loop medication supply using FHIR standards to improve the safety and speed of hospital pharmacy processes.

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Open wearables initiative highlights standards in open-source algorithms

28 September 2021

The Open Wearables Initiative (OWEAR), which promotes and facilitates the use of open-source algorithms for digital medicine, has announced a new program designed to identify and support open-source algorithms that are being adopted rapidly and may become de facto industry standards.

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Asetek pulls out of the HPC market

24 September 2021

In a press release update on the company's full-year 2021 expectations, Asetek notes that disruptions caused by new and ongoing Covid-19 shut-downs in China disrupting Asetek'supply chain the company has decided to exit the High Performing Computing (HPC) market

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HPC accelerates research at the University of Birmingham

16 September 2021

The University of Birmingham has upgraded its datacentre with a new supercomputer from Lenovo which is enhancing the universities research capabilities

Cresset announces a collaboration to repurpose therapeutics for oncology targets

15 September 2021

Cresset Discovery Services, a provider of contract research services for early phase drug discovery, has announced it will collaborate with the University of Newcastle, Australia to focus on drug reprofiling against oncology targets

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ECMWF continues its expansion with a new office and datacentre

15 September 2021

The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) has opened new offices in Bonn, Germany and a new data centre in Bologna, Italy to support the expansion of its compute capacity

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Optibrium adds a 3D ligand-based design module to its chemistry software

09 September 2021

The latest version of Optibrium’s StarDrop software helps scientists target high-quality compounds faster due to a collaboration with BioPharmics and the integration of its eSim and ForceGen software

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Verne Global acquired by Digital 9

06 September 2021

Verne Global has announced that it has been acquired by Digital 9 Infrastructure plc (D9), the newly established investment trust that invests in a range of digital infrastructure assets, in a deal valued at approximately £231 million in cash

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DOE Invests $13.7 million for research in data reduction for science

03 September 2021

The US Department of Energy (DOE) announced $13.7 million in funding for nine research projects that will advance the state of the art in computer science and applied mathematics.