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Partnership aims to improve sustainability of electronics

02 March 2023

Hexagon and Altium have entered a strategic partnership to improve the sustainability of electronics design and manufacturing

Credit: Ayar Labs

Ayar Labs demonstrates next generation data centre networking

01 March 2023

The company is now shipping in-package optical I/O solutions to support data-intensive workloads in AI, HPC and 6G networking

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Increasing AI reliability for automotive chip production

25 February 2023

A partnership between a chip maker and an AI process control specialist, has developed and presented a case study to improve the robustness and reliability of AI solutions for use in automotive systems

Credit: Quantinuum

Quantinuum sets industry record for hardware performance

24 February 2023

Quantinuum's H1 generation quantum processors set two performance records on the QV benchmark, initially developed by IBM to reflect a quantum computer's general capability.

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AWS releases software to aid the design of quantum computing hardware

23 February 2023

Researchers at Amazon Web Services (AWS) have introduced a new software framework that can be used to create electromagnetic simulations on quantum computing hardware

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Qualcomm expands its edge computing capabilities

22 February 2023

Qualcomm has announced its plans to simplify and accelerate IoT with a new platform aimed at industries including healthcare, logistics and manufacturing

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D-Wave announces features to accelerate AI/ML

17 February 2023

D-Wave Quantum, a provider of quantum computing systems, software, and services has announced a series of product and business updates further commercialising quantum computing

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Machine learning improves the success of genome editing

16 February 2023

Researchers at the Wellcome Sanger Institute have improved the success of prime editing in the treatment of genetic disease

Credit: Universal Quantum

Researchers advance the scalability of quantum computers

08 February 2023

Scientists from British start-up Universal Quantum and the University of Sussex have pieced together quantum computers like a jigsaw - allowing them to further scale quantum systems

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Theramex adopts life sciences platform to consolidate and digitise regulatory processes

02 February 2023

Generis has announced that Theramex has selected the CARA Life Sciences Platform to digitise and streamline their Regulatory Information Management process

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EuroCC 2 and CASTIEL 2 granted additional funding

02 February 2023

The EuroHPC JU continues to fund two flagship projects to build a European network of National Competence Centres for HPC, acting as a hub to promote and facilitate HPC uptake and related technologies across a range of industries

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EuroHPC announces two new calls to support HPC training

01 February 2023

The EuroHPC JU has launched two new calls for proposals to train future HPC specialists, develop a EuroHPC JU training platform and support an International Summer School.