Pure Storage unveils NVIDIA-Powered for full spectrum of AI initiatives

20 March 2019

Pure has announced a complete portfolio of solutions for AI applications, from early inception to large-scale production

The Pistoia Alliance calls for greater focus on ‘science not geography’

19 March 2019

The Pistoia Alliance, a global, not for profit alliance that works to lower barriers to innovation in life sciences R&D, is urging industry stakeholders worldwide to focus on science and not geography, in a call for greater global collaboration

NVIDIA to acquire Mellanox for $6.9 Billion

15 March 2019

Nvidia is to buy Mellanox in a $6.9bn deal that values each share at $125

Pi in the sky

14 March 2019

A Google employee has created a new world record for the calculation of pi, using the company's cloud computing service to work out the figure to an astonishing 31 trillion decimal places

Optalysys launch optical processing system

13 March 2019

Optalysys, a technology company developing light-speed optical AI systems has announced the world’s first optical co-processor system, the FT:X 2000, is now available to order

Altair adds Cetim's Quilted Stratum Design software to the Altair Partner Alliance

12 March 2019

Cetim software added to the Altair Partner Alliance (APA)

Cyrus Biotechnology announce antibody structure prediction software

07 March 2019

Cyrus Biotechnology, a Seattle-based biotech software company has announced the release of a novel antibody structure prediction software tool as part of its Cyrus Bench platform

CDC selects Certara to develop technology platform

06 March 2019

Certara has announced that it will partner with the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) to strengthen the Agency’s death investigation and surveillance systems

ANSYS Announces Q4 Results

04 March 2019

Ansys has announced its fourth quarter results for 2018 highlighting growth in revenue in addition to the acquisition of Granta Design Limited and Helic

Altair to showcase technology at Hannover Messe 2019

28 February 2019

Altair will present its technology solutions at Hannover Messe, from April 1-5, 2019 in Hanover, Germany

Dassault Systèmes and ABB enter global software partnership

28 February 2019

ABB and Dassault Systèmes have announced a global partnership to offer customers in digital industries a unique software solutions portfolio ranging from product life cycle management to asset health solutions

Autodesk announce generative design field lab in Chicago

28 February 2019

Autodesk have announced that it was opening a new lab dedicated to supporting generative design in Chicago