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Research paves the way for fault-tolerant quantum computing

11 May 2023

The controlled creation and manipulation of non-Abelian anyons leading to topological qubits represents a significant step towards universal fault-tolerant quantum computing

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NSF announces seven new national AI research institutes

05 May 2023

NSF’s announcement is part of a broader effort to advance a cohesive federal government approach to harness opportunities and address risks associated with AI

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NOAA upgrades storm surge forecasting model

05 May 2023

NOAA has upgraded its Probabilistic Storm Surge (P-Surge) model — the primary model for predicting storm surges associated with high-impact weather like hurricanes and tropical storms — to version 3.0

Nominations for this year's Photonics100 are now open!

03 May 2023

Know an unsung hero using HPC in photonics research, or using photonic technologies in areas such as quantum computing? Nominate them for the Photonics100 2024 now!

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NSF invests in AI research infrastructure

28 April 2023

The US National Science Foundation has announced a $16 million investment to support shared research infrastructure.

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Researchers harness ALCF supercomputers to design peptides

27 April 2023

A team of researchers from the Flatiron Institute is improving the production of peptide drugs - to speed up the search for promising new compounds.

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BSC showcases heterogenous HPC software stack as part of DEEP-SEA project

21 April 2023

Researchers from BSC and the DEEP-SEA project have demonstrated applications and use cases from the project along with developments to the software stack

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CRISPR-chip selected for National German exhibition on novel genetic research

21 April 2023

Cardea Bio’s BPU (Biosignal Processing Unit) variant, the CRISPR-chip, has been selected to be featured prominently in the ‘Of Genes and Human Beings’ exhibition at the national German DHMD museum in Dresden, highlighting advances in the field of genetics over the last century

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New foundry to accelerate quantum information research at Argonne National Laboratory

21 April 2023

The Argonne Quantum Foundry is meeting a critical need for quantum science by providing a robust supply chain of materials for quantum devices and systems.

D-Wave demonstrates a performance advantage over classical systems

20 April 2023

Evidence shows computational advantage, with quantum dynamics speedup over classical in 3D spin glasses, an intractable class of optimisation problems

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University spinout to deliver new memory technology

03 April 2023

Lancaster University is creating a spinout company to commercialise the universal computer memory technology using quantum technology

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EU funded research project aims to advance action planning with extreme-scale data

29 March 2023

The CREXDATA project is developing a prediction-as-a-service platform that will allow predictive analytics and forecasting under uncertainty for proactive decision making in crises