Cambridge University launches Master’s degree in the responsible use of AI

08 December 2020

Cambridge University has launched a new degree in AI Ethics which aims to teach professionals how to use AI for good

European engineering research centre supports Covid-19 research

02 December 2020

A group of researchers from HLRS and a consortium partner from the EU funded EXCELLERAT project, SSC-Services, are supporting the population research for Covid-19 with a newly developed intelligent data transfer platform

PRACE announces additional computing hours for COVID-19 research

01 December 2020

PRACE has announced that it will provide an additional 77 million core-hours via its Fast Track Call for COVID-19 research.

Maximising HPC resources for engineering simulation

30 November 2020

In a recent webcast, Ansys' gave discussed how to maximise resources for different simulations and laid out some guidelines to help engineers use their HPC hardware effectively

Argonne team collects Best Paper Award at SC20

25 November 2020

A collaboration between computer and computational scientists from Argonne National Laboratory and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) has been awarded the Best Paper Award at SC20

High-demand for supercomputing skills at ICHEC

24 November 2020

The Irish Centre for High-End Computing (ICHEC), has announced four new appointments as demand for high performance computing (HPC) services is being driven by research and business leaders

AMD highlights technology for HPC and scientific research

17 November 2020

At this year’s SC20 virtual event AMD is showcasing the new AMD Instinct MI100 accelerator and highlighting a growing list of deployments in HPC and scientific research

Fugaku supercomputer solidifies Top500 ranking

17 November 2020

The 56th edition of the TOP500 saw the Japanese Fugaku supercomputer solidify its number one status

European Processor Initiative updates its project roadmap

09 November 2020

Despite 2020 causing the cancellation of the first-ever planned European Processor Initiative Forum, the partners have made significant progress and have updated their project plan for EPI milestones

Covid-19 highlights the need for collaborative infrastructure in pharma

05 November 2020

In a recent virtual roundtable from the Pistoia Alliance’ virtual conference week pharmaceutical organisations heard a call to action to ensure that collaboration infrastructure is improved to facilitate widespread data sharing

Synthace and Ipsen partnership aims to accelerate novel therapeutic development

05 November 2020

Synthace and Ipsen two European specialists in biopharma and integrative software are working together to advance drug discovery by reducing the cost of design, construction and screening of new compounds

PRACE awards 2.45 billion core hours for research proposals

27 October 2020

The 21st Call for Proposals for PRACE Project Access received 63 eligible proposals, of which 51 were awarded, totalling 2.45 billion core hours