New payment program opens ELN software to smaller companies

30 August 2007

Amphora Research has launched a new payment programme for its the PatentSafe software, which will make the ELN software more accessible for smaller biotech companies.

Chemistry database growing at fastest rate ever

28 August 2007

Chemical Abstracts Service has broken its personal record for the largest number of entries added to the CAplus database in a single week. In the week beginning July 30, 24,623 records were entered.

Free seminar highlights advantages of LIMS across industries

28 August 2007

Accelerated Technology Laboratories and Microsoft are to host a free, educational seminar on the use of Laboratory Information Management Systems to streamline laboratory operations.

Grid computing helps prevent water pollution

28 August 2007

A UK e-Science project is using grid computing to solve two pressing environmental problems. One result could prevent arsenic from leaching into drinking water from the bedrock.

Plans to build new US supercomputers

17 August 2007

The US National Science Foundation (NSF) is to fund one of the world's most powerful supercomputer at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Genetics sequencing software helps marine biologists

17 August 2007

Bioinformatics company DNAStar has signed a site license agreement with the Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience in St. Augustine, Florida for the use of the companys Lasergene sequence analysis software.

Simulation to unlock the secrets of your mind

17 August 2007

The Sandia National Laboratories in the USA has started research into how computer models can simulate the way in which you think and act.

Renowned scientist to give plenary talk at Pittcon

09 August 2007

Organisers of the Pittsburgh Conference have announced that renowned scientist Dr Leroy Hood will deliver the plenary lecture, 'Systems biology and systems medicine', during the opening session

Applications program provides greater compatibility

09 August 2007

InforSense has joined Affymetrix's applications programme to ensure that its software solutions are fully compatible with Affymetrixs GeneChip microarray platform.

New agreement ensures more reliable LIMS labelling

09 August 2007

A new strategic business partnership has been established between QSI, suppliers of WinLIMS and Brady Corporation, providers of labelling systems.

Genomics tools aid discovery in stem cell research

09 August 2007

Using a variety of Agilent Technologies genomics tools, researchers have solved some of the perplexing differences between embryonic stem (ES) cells of humans and mice.

NMR analyser helps students learn about spectra

09 August 2007

Manchester University department has retained its site license of ACD/2D NMR Processor, freeing up more valuable instrument time for research and learning, and providing additional access outside of Manchesters network.