Google Cloud announces Confidential VMs powered by AMD hardware

15 July 2020

Google Cloud has announced a beta test of Confidential VMs that can help to encrypt user data while it is being processed

ACM SIGHPC announces dissertation award winner

14 July 2020

ACM's Special Interest Group on High Performance Computing (SIGHPC) has announced that Dr Patrick Flick has won the 2020 SIGHPC Doctoral Dissertation Award

New supercomputer at the University of Aberdeen supports genomics research

13 July 2020

Researchers at the University of Aberdeen will now benefit from a new supercomputer named 'Maxwell' which is supporting ground research at the University’s Centre for Genome-Enabled Biology and Medicine

Collaboration supports student's use of bioinformatics tools

08 July 2020

North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM) and Optibrium celebrate five years of collaboration to support education

Atos Life Sciences Centre of Excellence supports worldwide research

08 July 2020

Atos and the Wellcome Genome Campus, in Cambridgeshire, UK, have announced a partnership to provide a global HPC, AI & Quantum Life Sciences Centre of Excellence to give researchers access to emerging HPC, AI & Quantum technologies

Seeking investment is the number one challenge for HPC resource managers

06 July 2020

Initial results of the Scientific Computing World (SCW) survey for HPC resource managers have shown that seeking investment and training and support are major concerns for those that operate HPC facilities

Tohoku University and NEC collaboration accelerates the development of composite materials for aircraft

03 July 2020

Tohoku University Graduate School of Engineering, Graduate School of Information Sciences, and NEC Corporation have announced a collaboration aimed at developing composite materials for aircraft

UC San Diego Center for Microbiome Innovation increases storage capacity to meet demand for COVID research

02 July 2020

Researchers at the UC San Diego Center for Microbiome Innovation (CMI), have expanded their Panasas high-performance computing (HPC) storage infrastructure with an additional two petabytes (PB) of ActiveStor data storage to support the growing number of I/O-intensive tasks related to COVID-19 research

Japanese system powered by ARM CPUs is the world’s fastest supercomputer

25 June 2020

The 55th edition of the TOP500 has been published with the top spot now taken by an Arm powered Japanese system Fugaku

The SuperMUC system housed at the LRZ

LRZ to continue research into Fujitsu A64FX processors

24 June 2020

The Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) will extend its testbed program using HPE’s Cray CS500 system with Fujitsu A64FX processors based on the Arm architecture

The Pistoia Alliance partners with the America Chemical Society

23 June 2020

CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society specialising in scientific information solutions has partnered with the Pistoia Alliance to develop and host the Pistoia Alliance Chemical Safety Library

PRACE awards a further ten projects to support COVID-19 research

18 June 2020

PRACE recently announced that it had awarded another ten projects with a total of 227,578,000 core hours under the Fast Track Call for Proposals to support research into the COVID-19 pandemic