Pfizer has joined Accelrys consortium

Pfizer has joined the Accelrys Enterprise Cheminformatics Consortium - a collaborative project to develop cheminformatics software components and services for commercial companies.

Strategic partnership for genomics companies

Molecular Connections database Netpro will be fully integrated into Genomatixs biological networks and pathway knowledge base BiblioSphere PathwayEdition (BSPE). This is the first step in a planned strategic partnership.

Siena Biotech extends licence of AKS2

Siena Biotech has extended its license of Bioalmas knowledge mining system, AKS2. AKS2 provides a rapid way to explore information in published literature and results from itsproteomics platform.

GeneGo and Spotfire integrate flagship products

GeneGo and Spotfire have integrated their flagship products. The agreement will allow users of GeneGos MetaCore and MetaData products to analyse genomics data more easily and accurately in Spotfires DecisionSite.

Katalysis distributes LimsLink to Brazil

Katalysis is to distribute Labtronics' LimsLink suite to the Brazillian market. The software includes LimsLink and LimsLink CDS, a bi-directional interface between any LIMS system and any CDS.


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