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DiRAC boosts GPU supercomputing capacity

The University of Edinburgh will boost its GPU computing power with a three-year contract extension to increase the computing capacity of its BullSequana XH2000. 

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Frontier remains the sole Exaflop supercomputer

The 61st edition of the TOP500 reveals that the Frontier system from Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) remains the only true exascale machine on the list. 

The team behind Frontier have Increased its HPL score from 1.02 Eflop/s in November 2022 to an impressive 1.194 Eflop/s on this list. Frontier was able to improve upon its score after a stagnation between June 2022 and November 2022. An increase of roughly 17% increase is an enormous success as this further extends its lead over the top supercomputers. 

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NOAA upgrades storm surge forecasting model

NOAA has upgraded its Probabilistic Storm Surge (P-Surge) model — the primary model for predicting storm surges associated with high-impact weather like hurricanes and tropical storms — to version 3.0


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