ARM and UCL inspire young engineers with the IoT

ARM and University College London (UCL) have launched an educational kit, to help students develop their engineering skills, focusing on the Internet of Things (IoT). The hope is to encourage young engineers to remain in STEM related careers

Graphing software reveals wind power potential

Regions that have a high population -- and hence a high demand for energy - may be suitable for wind energy production, despite having a low average wind speed according to research using data analysis and graphing software

Master big data or go out of date

Companies and countries alike must learn to master big data, or they will find themselves out-thought, out-flanked and out-dated, according to a new report

Austrians watch flood waters by computer

The potential effect of flood waters can now be assessed more quickly, due to a new feature for Visdom, a Visual Analysis System, made possible by funding from the Austrian Science Fund FWF


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