iRODS data mangement platform released

The iRODs consortium has announced the release of iRODS 4.0, a sustainable and production-oriented version of the iRODS (integrated Rule-Oriented Data System) data management platform

Drug discovery with data

In the second part of our series on computational chemistry, Siân Harris looks at the role of modelling and high-quality data in the pharmaceutical industry

Sound and science

Jean-Louis Migeot argues that acoustic simulation needs to be an early part of any product design and that software is now available to ensure it can be done easily

Spectroscopy software fights vehicle crime

Car crimes will become easier to solve as the world's largest database of automotive paints standardises on Bio-Rad's KnowItAll spectroscopy software for analysis of samples from crime scenes

Compound benefits

Computers play an important role in the development of new chemical compounds today, writes Sian Harris in the first of two articles on computational chemistry


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