Nasa takes advantage of parallel computing

16 February 2007

Nasa is to use Interactive Supercomputing's Star-P software to take advantage of high-performance computers in the next generation of space telescopes and stellar imaging applications.

Volvo and Ford choose Sharc

12 February 2007

Volvo and Ford have both selected Sharc's Harpoon software for thermal simulation in car design. It will be used to create complex meshes of complete vehicles.

STARLIMS selected by German water centre

06 February 2007

STARLIMS v10 has been selected by IWW Water Centre in Muelheim, one of the leading water research institutes in Germany. It will ensure full compliance with stringent water quality regulations.

IDBS collaborates with University of Louis Pasteur

06 February 2007

IDBS has made its cheminformatics suite PredictionBase available to members of the University of Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg. The University will use PredictionBase during training courses.

Pfizer has joined Accelrys consortium

06 February 2007

Pfizer has joined the Accelrys Enterprise Cheminformatics Consortium - a collaborative project to develop cheminformatics software components and services for commercial companies.

Cancer Research UK increases usage of Lasergene

02 February 2007

Bioinformatics company DNAStar has expanded its license agreement with Cancer Research UK (CR-UK) to include the Cambridge Research Institute and The Paterson Institute for Cancer Research.

AstraZeneca uses genomics and proteomics software

31 January 2007

AstraZeneca is using Cambridge Cell Networks (CCnet) genomics and proteomics software ToxWiz to predict the effects of drugs used to treat liver disease.

Katalysis distributes LimsLink to Brazil

31 January 2007

Katalysis is to distribute Labtronics' LimsLink suite to the Brazillian market. The software includes LimsLink and LimsLink CDS, a bi-directional interface between any LIMS system and any CDS.

VSNi appoints Maplesoft president to its board of directors

31 January 2007

VSNi has appointed Jim Cooper as it first non-executive chairman. Cooper is CEO and president of Maplesoft, and will help steer VSNis planned future growth and development.

GeneGo and Spotfire integrate flagship products

31 January 2007

GeneGo and Spotfire have integrated their flagship products. The agreement will allow users of GeneGos MetaCore and MetaData products to analyse genomics data more easily and accurately in Spotfires DecisionSite.

Reel Two licenses ADC/Labs nomenclature software

31 January 2007

Reel Two is using Advanced Chemistry Developments (ACD/Labs) nomenclature software for the challenging task of converting chemical names found in its patents database to chemical structures.

Cornell University joins science grid

31 January 2007

A research centre at Cornell University is collaborating with the National Science Foundations TeraGrid to provide an internet interface for the Arecibo Observatory.