The SuperMUC system housed at the LRZ

LRZ to continue research into Fujitsu A64FX processors

24 June 2020

The Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) will extend its testbed program using HPE’s Cray CS500 system with Fujitsu A64FX processors based on the Arm architecture

The Pistoia Alliance partners with the America Chemical Society

23 June 2020

CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society specialising in scientific information solutions has partnered with the Pistoia Alliance to develop and host the Pistoia Alliance Chemical Safety Library

PRACE awards a further ten projects to support COVID-19 research

18 June 2020

PRACE recently announced that it had awarded another ten projects with a total of 227,578,000 core hours under the Fast Track Call for Proposals to support research into the COVID-19 pandemic

EPEEC releases programming guidelines for parallel applications

16 June 2020

The European programming framework EPEEC has announced an important milestone with the publication of the EPEEC Programming Guidelines for Parallel Applications

Take our survey on HPC for science

12 June 2020

Scientific Computing World is running a short (5-minute) survey on the use of HPC within scientific research.

CCAAR calls for 'next generational thinking' on autonomous vehicles

10 June 2020

The Centre for Connected & Autonomous Automotive Research (CCAAR) has asserted that fresh thinking from new industry entrants and innovative academics will play a key role in realising future mobility

NetApp deploys Iguazio's data science platform

10 June 2020

NetApp has started using a data science platform from Iguazio for real-time machine learning applications

University of Hull supercomputer supports global COVID-19 research

04 June 2020

A £2 million-pound high-performance computing (HPC) system at the University of Hull is playing a crucial role in enabling COVID-19 research

AMD COVID-19 HPC Fund delivers supercomputing to researchers

02 June 2020

AMD and Penguin Computing have donated systems totalling seven petaflops of compute power to researchers as part of the AMD HPC Fund for COVID-19 research.

Air Flow Simulation reduces COVID-19 propagation risk

21 May 2020

Airflow simulation software from Dassault Systèmes was recently used for a collaborative project to reduce the risk of virus propagation inside the St Francis Hospital in Marange-Silvange in northeastern France

CLOUD at CERN reveals a new mechanism behind urban smog

21 May 2020

CERN has announced that its CLOUD collaboration has revealed a new mechanism that drives winter smog episodes in cities

Optibrium adopts cheminformatics toolkits from OpenEye Scientific

12 May 2020

Optibrium and OpenEye Scientific (OpenEye), have announced integration between their two software platforms to provide scientists with new added funcionality for small molecule drug discovery