Californian water district chooses LIMS solution

27 February 2007

A Californian water district has chosen the Sample Master Pro LIMS system from Accelerated Technology Laboratories (ATL) to manage sample analysis.

LIMS solution used in stem cell research

27 February 2007

The Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute has chosen GenoLogic's Geneus software to manage their genomics workflows. It will also be used in collaborative stem cell research.

Parallel computing for cancer research

27 February 2007

The National Cancer Institute's Pediatric Oncology Branch is using parallel computing software to accelerate medical discoveries and provide insight into the genetic risk factors of cancer.

Engineering software increases passenger comfort

27 February 2007

LMS's engineering software has been implemented by SABCA and the EADS Group to test the ability of aircraft designs to withstand vibration.

Computational screening implemented in Japan

27 February 2007

Genedata's system for high throughput screening of data is being used at Japanese pharmaceutical company Chugai to discover drugs for cancer and bone and joint diseases.

New European trade conference for lab equipment

26 February 2007

A new European trade fair and conference, L.A.B, devoted to analysis, bio and laboratory equipment will take place in London between 2 to 4 October 2007.

Parallel computing helps scientists clean the air

16 February 2007

MIT has used parallel computing to develop molecular models of the thermochemical properties of hyrdocarbons that could help scientists reduce air pollution and understand ozone degredation.

Nasa takes advantage of parallel computing

16 February 2007

Nasa is to use Interactive Supercomputing's Star-P software to take advantage of high-performance computers in the next generation of space telescopes and stellar imaging applications.

Volvo and Ford choose Sharc

12 February 2007

Volvo and Ford have both selected Sharc's Harpoon software for thermal simulation in car design. It will be used to create complex meshes of complete vehicles.

STARLIMS selected by German water centre

06 February 2007

STARLIMS v10 has been selected by IWW Water Centre in Muelheim, one of the leading water research institutes in Germany. It will ensure full compliance with stringent water quality regulations.

IDBS collaborates with University of Louis Pasteur

06 February 2007

IDBS has made its cheminformatics suite PredictionBase available to members of the University of Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg. The University will use PredictionBase during training courses.

Pfizer has joined Accelrys consortium

06 February 2007

Pfizer has joined the Accelrys Enterprise Cheminformatics Consortium - a collaborative project to develop cheminformatics software components and services for commercial companies.