VSNi appoints Maplesoft president to its board of directors

31 January 2007

VSNi has appointed Jim Cooper as it first non-executive chairman. Cooper is CEO and president of Maplesoft, and will help steer VSNis planned future growth and development.

GeneGo and Spotfire integrate flagship products

31 January 2007

GeneGo and Spotfire have integrated their flagship products. The agreement will allow users of GeneGos MetaCore and MetaData products to analyse genomics data more easily and accurately in Spotfires DecisionSite.

Reel Two licenses ADC/Labs nomenclature software

31 January 2007

Reel Two is using Advanced Chemistry Developments (ACD/Labs) nomenclature software for the challenging task of converting chemical names found in its patents database to chemical structures.

Cornell University joins science grid

31 January 2007

A research centre at Cornell University is collaborating with the National Science Foundations TeraGrid to provide an internet interface for the Arecibo Observatory.

Organon installs additional ActivityBase module

31 January 2007

Organon has introduced the XE module of IDBSs ActivityBase into its molecular pharmacology departments. Organon is a long-time user of ActivityBase, having first installed it in 2002.

First installation of Genologics' Geneus

31 January 2007

GenoLogics' genomics product Geneus, has been installed at a first customer site, the University of Pittsburgh Genomics and Proteomics Core Laboratories (GPCL).

Siena Biotech extends licence of AKS2

31 January 2007

Siena Biotech has extended its license of Bioalmas knowledge mining system, AKS2. AKS2 provides a rapid way to explore information in published literature and results from itsproteomics platform.

Thermo Fisher Scientific joins BioIT alliance

31 January 2007

Thermo Fisher Scientific has joined Microsoft in the BioIT alliance, an organisation of more than 40 companies with the aim of realising the potential of personalised medicine.

Strategic partnership for genomics companies

31 January 2007

Molecular Connections database Netpro will be fully integrated into Genomatixs biological networks and pathway knowledge base BiblioSphere PathwayEdition (BSPE). This is the first step in a planned strategic partnership.

Waste water application for WinLIMS

18 January 2007

WinLIMS from QSI has been used by Christchurch City Council in New Zealand to manage the councils waste water analysis laboratories and schedule samples across sites.

New CEO for Interactive Supercomputing

18 January 2007

Interactive Supercomputing (ISC) has named Bill Blake as it CEO, taking over from Pete Peterson, ISCs founder. Blake will be responsible for leading ISC through its next phase of growth.

Thermo provides free LIMS talks at Arab Lab 2007

17 January 2007

Thermo Fisher Scientific will give three free technical presentations on LIMS at the Arab Lab 2007 exhibition in Dubai. The presentations will take place from Sunday 11 to Wednesday 14 February.