GenoLogics develops partner network

14 November 2006

GenoLogics is developing a sophisticated network of partners, to create end-to-end lab and scientific data management solutions, for various applications such as cancer research, biomarker discovery, and translational medicine.

Modelling gives insight into traumatic brain injury

09 November 2006

Computer modelling has shown that brain injury may occur within a millisecond after someone's head hits the windscreen in a car accident.

ISC receive US government grant

09 November 2006

Interactive Supercomputing has been awarded a US government research grant to help speed up science and engineeing by developing easy to use desktop software for parallel computers.

UK academic supercomputer doubles capability

09 November 2006

The Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) formally accepted the third and final phase of HPCx, the UK National Academic Supercomputer, on 7 November.

STARLIMS integrated with EMC Documentum

06 November 2006

STARLIMS has signed an OEM agreement with EMC in which STARLIMS will embed EMC Documentum technology to provide a content management system in Version 10 of STARLIMS

Applied Biosystems launches software development community

06 November 2006

Applied Biosystems has launched a new online software development community to produce software applications that allow easier data generation, analysis and management in the life sciences.

ACD/Labs and SORD capture 'lost chemistry'

06 November 2006

The Selected Organic Reactions Database is tapping into the vast reserves of chemical reaction information from academic research that has been locked away for 50 years in theses and dissertations.

Graphene scientist scoops Mott Medal and Prize from the Institute of Physics

02 November 2006

Professor Andre Geim has been awarded the 2007 Mott Medal and Prize by the Institute of Physics for his groundbreaking work on two-dimensional atomic crystals back in 2004.

GenoLogics receives second round of funding

02 November 2006

GenoLogics, a developer of lab and scientific data management solutions, has completed a second round of financing led by OVP Venture Partners in Seattle.

Free trial of Star-P for SGI Altix customers

02 November 2006

SGI is now giving SGI Altix customers a free, one-year subscription to Interactive Supercomputings (ISC) Star-P, an interactive desktop tool for rapidly solving large scientific and engineering problems.

Agilent Technologies joins BioIT alliance

02 November 2006

Agilent Technologies has joined the BioIT Alliance, a cross-industry group working together to improve biomedical information technology with an early focus on addressing data-capture and data-integration.

GeneBio's Phenyx chosen for Spanish proteomics research network

02 November 2006

GeneBio's Phenyx will become the default protein identification software for ProteoRed at the National Centre for Biotechnology/CSIC in Madrid, for the use of proteomics researchers all over Spain.