Credit: Universal Quantum

Research reveals how quantum computing can help tackle hunger

27 January 2022

New research by Universal Quantum has determined how a quantum computer could break the encryption of Bitcoin and simulate a crucial molecule in the fight against global food shortages and climate change

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Lockheed Martin Space selects Esteco’s VOLTA

21 January 2022

Esteco has announced that Lockheed Martin Space has selected Esteco’s VOLTA as the integrated analysis tool for its Total System Model (TSM) framework, as part of its overall digital engineering transformation

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D-Wave and Jülich launch first In-Region commercial quantum computer for European access

18 January 2022

Today in Jülich, Germany, D-Wave Systems announced the launch of the first Leap quantum cloud-based system outside North America at Forschungszentrum Jülich Supercomputing Centre

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Insightful Science Acquires Omiq

18 January 2022

Insightful Science, a software company enabling the Cloud for Scientific Discovery has announced that it has acquired Omiq

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Planet First backs cooling tank technology that cuts down data centre climate impact

18 January 2022

Sustainable investor Planet First has become a significant investor in Submer, a growth stage company solving an emerging environmental threat – high energy consumption in data centres

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Eagle Genomics announce a strategic partnership to accelerate microbiome analysis using AI

13 January 2022

Eagle Genomics and the Quadram Institute, an institute creating new interfaces between food science, gut biology, and human health, have announced a new partnership committed to promoting the understanding of microbiome science. 

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IBM acquires Envizi to accelerate sustainability initiatives

12 January 2022

IBM has announced it has acquired Envizi, a data and analytics software provider for environmental performance management

Image: metamorworks, Getty Images

Ethics ‘the new frontier for technology’

06 January 2022

Better understanding required of how AI will transform society, says UKRI report

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NASA-supported study confirms importance of Southern Ocean in absorbing carbon dioxide

04 January 2022

Researchers from NASA have found that the Southern Ocean absorbs much more carbon from the atmosphere than it releases

Credit: SoC Hub

Finnish SoC Hub consortium develop their first SoC

15 December 2021

The first System on Chip (SoC) developed by the Finnish SoC Hub consortium has been taped out

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Genedata Biologics selected as global antibody discovery workflow platform for Ligand Pharmaceuticals

15 December 2021

Genedata has announced that Ligand Pharmaceuticals has chosen Genedata Biologics as the global biologics workflow and data management platform for their OmniAb antibody discovery platform

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Atos announces hybridisation projects at its 8th Quantum Advisory Board

15 December 2021

At the meeting of the 8th Atos Quantum Advisory Board, Atos has announced investments in two major quantum hybridisation projects in France and Germany