TotalView update

Rogue Wave Software is repackaging TotalView to include Nvidia Cuda debugging support and ReplayEngine, for reverse debugging, as standard

PGI 2012

The latest release in the PGI line of high-performance parallelising compilers and development tools for Linux, OS X and Windows has been announced by The Portland Group

Xcelerit SDK

Xcelerit, a software company that specialises in cross-platform acceleration tools for engineering and scientific research, has announced the availability of the Xcelerit SDK

PBS Professional 11.2

Altair Engineering has released PBS Professional 11.2. This latest version of PBS Professional scales easily to support hundreds of thousands of processors and enables administrators to get the maximum value from their computing infrastructure

Allinea DDT 3.1

Version 3.1 of Allinea DDT has been released with a set of novel features designed to both simplify and enable debugging of parallel and multithreaded applications

Jacket v2.0

AccelerEyes has released v2.0 of Jacket, adding GPU computing capabilities for use with Matlab. The latest version delivers even more speed through a host of new improvements, maximising GPU device performance and utilisation


AccelerEyes has launched ArrayFire, a freely-available GPU software library supporting Cuda and OpenCL devices

NAG Library

The NAG Library has been extended with additional algorithms engineered for efficiency on the current generation of computer systems


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