ThreadSpotter for Cray XE

Rogue Wave Software, which provides cross-platform HPC software development, has released ThreadSpotter 2012.1 offering support for the Cray XE supercomputers

TTG Apptimizer

ttgLabs, a Russian software company that focuses on porting and optimising applications on GPGPUs and hybrid systems, is making available a pre-release version of its TTG Apptimizer toolkit

Moab HPC Suite 7.1

Enhancements that improve workload management and accelerate high-performance computing have been made to the Moab HPC Suite, Adaptive Computing has announced

TotalView 8.10

Parallel debugger TotalView 8.10 has been released with expanded support for the Cray XT, Cray XE and Cray XK lines of supercomputers


IncrediBuild-XGE, a software-based distributed computing solution that accelerates time-intensive computational processes such as simulation and modelling for CAD/CAM, fluid and mechanical dynamics and 3D analysis, is available from Xoreax

NovaBackup 13

NovaStor launches version 13 of its backup and restore software for workstations, servers and virtual machines


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