CREC cooling system

A technique pioneered by EcoCooling and described as 'using the building as an air-handler' has been demonstrated to free up space for an additional 200 revenue-generating racks in a typical 1000-rack large data centre

Viridis Cloud

Boston, a manufacturer of high-performance, low-powered server, virtualisation, storage and cloud solutions, has unveiled its Viridis Cloud solution

AW2000 F2 update

Following an agreement with Bright Computing, Acers AW2000 F2 family of high-performance computing solutions will include Bright Cluster Manager software

Open 3.0

AMD has launched the Open 3.0 platform (formerly codenamed 'Roadrunner'), a rethinking of the server motherboard designed to the standards developed by the Open Compute Project


CogniMem Technologies has unveiled the industrys first greater than 40,000-neuron, scalable cognitive memory computing system based on CogniBlox, a memory-based parallel processing capability

Intel Atom S1200

Intel has introduced the Atom S1200 product family, delivering what it says is the worlds first low-power, 64-bit server-class system-on-chip for high-density microservers

ETI Swarm

Runtime software expands platform coverage to enable efficient application development on Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors


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