Venom 2400-0T

Boston has released the Venom 2400-0T, the latest addition to the company's Venom range of high-performance, liquid-cooled workstations

MapR M7

MapR Technologies, a provider of Hadoop technology, has announced its expanded cloud leadership with MapR M7, a big data platform for NoSQL and Apache Hadoop applications that is now available through Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR)

Optimis toolkit

The latest version of the Optimis toolkit, which helps service and infrastructure providers, software developers, and end users build and run applications in the cloud, has been released

3DBoxx 4150 Xtreme

Boxx Technologies, a provider of high-performance computer workstations and rendering systems, has introduced the 3DBoxx 4150 Xtreme, a compact, professional workstation featuring an overclocked fourth generation Intel Core i7 processor

Nytro PCIe flash adapters

LSI has expanded its Nytro product portfolio of PCIe flash adapters with a new, high-capacity 3.2Tb Nytro WarpDrive accelerator card, and expanded capacity, connectivity and software capabilities across the Nytro MegaRaid product family

Orion HF

Ciara Technologies has launched the Orion HF server line, which is dedicated to the financial services industry

Viridis update

The development tools from the parallel software tools experts, Allinea Software, are now available on the Boston ARM-based server platform, it has been announced

3DBOXX 4120

Boxx Technologies has introduced the 3DBOXX 4120 - a compact, professional workstation featuring the 4th generation Intel Xeon processors E3-1200 v3 product family and Intels fourth generation Core processors

Opteron X-Series

AMD has unveiled a new family of low-power server processors: the AMD Opteron X-Series, optimised for scale-out server architectures


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