Enterpoint has introduced Lamachan2, an extreme I/O solution for HPC systems, using a Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA to support a high performance PCI Express interface and large I/O count


Enterpoint has introduced the Merrick3, a scalable processing platform using advanced FPGA technology

B700 DLC supercomputers

Bull has launched the bullx B700 DLC (Direct Liquid Cooling) supercomputers, a new series of Bull blade servers that reduce data centre cooling requirements and energy consumption


Nallatech has introduced the PCIe-287N, a network processing card that delivers Xilinx 7-Series performance for network processing, cyber security, and algorithm-acceleration applications


Maxeler Technologies has launched MaxCloud, a cloud implementation of a high performance dataflow computing system

Vigor EX-B

NextComputing has introduced Vigor EX-B, a battery-powered and fully mobile rugged server, able to run on its own power for four hours

Radius Ex/Vigor EX

NextComputing has upgraded its portable Radius EX and Vigor EX systems, which now support up to 96Gb DDR3 1066MHz ECC memory, making them suitable for graphics-intensive visualisation programs

Altix ICE

SGI has released the latest generation of its Altix ICE, a flexible, tightly integrated blade architecture based on the latest Intel Xeon (codenamed Sandy Bridge EP) processor series

Radius EX-B

NextComputing, a provider of portable workstations and dense, small-footprint servers, has introduced the latest addition to its Radius series of mobile computers, the Radius EX-B


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