MapleSim Tire Component Library

Maplesoft has announced a new add-on for its physical modelling and simulation product MapleSim. The MapleSim Tire Component Library lets engineers extend their multi-domain MapleSim vehicle models with high-performance pneumatic tire components

MapleSim updates

Maplesoft has released several new products designed to help engineers better manage the complexity of engineering modelling and simulation problems

MapleNet 13

Maplesoft has released MapleNet 13, which enables the deployment of live technical knowledge and applications on the web. The tool enables the sharing of live calculations, interactive technical documents, and mathematical services over the internet

MapleSim 2 and Maple 13

Maplesoft has released updated versions of its core products - MapleSim, the high-performance, multi-domain modelling and simulation tool, and Maple, the technical computing software for engineers, mathematicians, and scientists.

MapleSim Connectivity Toolbox

Maplesoft has released the MapleSim Connectivity Toolbox, which enables users to export high-performance MapleSim models into Simulink, thus taking advantage of the intuitive, multi-domain physical modelling environment of MapleSim as part of their toolchain


Maplesoft has released MapleSim, its new high-performance multi-domain modelling and simulation tool, following months of pilot testing and feedback from 1,500 companies in 85 countries


Maplesoft has released the pilot version of MapleSim, which is a tool to be used in the modelling and simulation industry.

Maple T.A

Maplesoft has released the latest version of Maple T.A, which is the companys assessment technology tool.


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