Rental Customisation Service

QSI has launched a Rental Customisation Service that will let WinLims rental customers to have a cost-effective way of tailoring the companys WinLims out of the box solution to meet their specific information management requirements.

LimsLink template

Labtronics and Molecular Devices have developed a LimsLink template to connect SoftMaxR Pro 5 software with any LIMS package.

Sapphire R5

LabVantage Solutions has commercially launched its Sapphire Release 5 Laboratory Information Management Suite (LIMS).

SQL*LIMS Plug and Play Pharma Package

Applied Biosystems has launched the SQL*LIMS Plug and Play Pharma Package, a laboratory information management system (LIMS) to help pharmaceutical companies maintain regulatory compliance and decrease the cost of managing manufacturing operations.

Lab Automation 2008 poster

Thermo Fisher Scientific has released a technical poster demonstrating the importance of configurability and flexibility in laboratory information management systems (LIMS) design for life sciences and high throughput screening applications.

SampleManager 9.2 LIMS

Thermo Scientific will launch its SampleManager 9.2 LIMS in April of this year, which is the latest version of the companys flagship product for industrial process laboratories.


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