WinLims stock control module

Quality Systems International (QSI) has introduced the WinLims stock control module, which allows a stock record to be created for each consumable item used during an analysis procedure

LimsLink/Nexxis SDMS

LimsLink, from Labtronics, now includes Nexxis SDMS, a web-based scientific data management system that provides laboratories with secure storage and retrieval of scientific data and documentation


Sciformatix has introduced SciLIMS Samples and Storage Management (SSM): Professional Edition, a software-as-a-service based LIMS for small labs, emerging growth labs, and larger labs


Sciformatix has announced the availability of the Professional Edition of its SciLIMS samples and storage management (SSM) product, suitable for laboratories of all sizes

Integrated Watson LIMS and Symyx Notebook

Thermo Fisher Scientific and Symyx Technologies have released a joint product development effort for scientists in the bioanalytical community by integrating Thermo Scientific Watson LIMS with Symyx Notebook

Debra 5.7.6 LIMS

Debra 5.7.6, the latest release of LabLogic's LIMS for drug metabolism studies, implements more than 70 modifications, including greater flexibility in the protein binding module


LabWare LIMS is the world’s most successful LIMS, with a wide variety of ‘out-of- the-box’ modules and template solutions that seamlessly extend the application’s flexibility to address the needs of specific industry segments.

Watson LIMS version 7.4

Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced new functionality to version 7.4 of its Thermo Scientific Watson LIMS, which enables time and cost savings to pharmaceutical companies involved in drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic studies

SQL*LIMS Information Delivery Suite

Applied Biosystems has released the SQL*LIMS Information Delivery Suite enabling laboratories of all types to operate more effectively without sacrificing accuracy or compromising validation requirements.


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