Qualoupe LIMS web reporting

Two Fold Softwares Qualoupe LIMS solution now features a secure web reporting capability that offers laboratory users and their customers greater flexibility

GenoLogics LIMS upgrade

GenoLogics has released a pre-configured version of its LIMS software for Illumina next-generation sequencing (NGS) systems and TruSeq sample prep kits

SampleManager 10.0

Representing what Thermo Fisher Scientific describes as a major upgrade to its SampleManager LIMS platform, version 10.0's dashboard functionality is designed to address the needs of lab personnel, administrators and management

Qualoupe LIMS results entry solution

Offering greater flexibility to manage test sample data, Two Fold Software is releasing user-friendly software that enables the companys intuitive Qualoupe LIMS user interface to display results parameters in a clear and flexible way

Innovation Center open-source community

LabVantage has launched its new online Innovation Center, an open-source community for Sapphire and SQL*LIMS customers, allowing source codes, materials, and applications to be freely shared within LabVantages customer base

Qualoupe LIMS (Rental)

Two Fold Software is offering a rental payment option for its Qualoupe LIMS solution, which offers productivity gains, improved quality management and reporting flexibility

Qualoup LIMS

London-based start-up Two Fold Software has launched its innovative new Qualoupe LIMS featuring a breakthrough user interface that simplifies LIMS use while significantly lowering running costs


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