Go with the workflow

If the trend is towards standardisation, how can LIMS be tailored to fit individual customers? The answer lies with workflows, according to Colin Thurston

Stake your life on a LIMS

Doctors depend on pathology labs for accurate diagnoses, and path labs depend on ever more sophisticated LIMS, Peter Rees reports

Information overload

Trevor De Silva and Geoff Parker, from the consultancy Scimcon, discuss the causes of the data explosion in the laboratory, and suggest ways to tame it

on the paper trail

The paperless laboratory, and managing information for life sciences' researchers, are among the themes discernible during SCW's regular review of the LIMS world, Tom Wilkie writes

choosing the right client

The old Latin riddle 'Quis custiodet ipsos custiodes?' ('Who guards the guardians themselves?') is a good one for scientists and managers to ponder when they are considering the integrity of data in LIMS. Alex Crawford reports

Integration is LIMS inspiration

In our latest roundup of comings and going in the world of Laboratory Information Management Systems, Vanessa Spedding finds the bulk of recent activity involves an industrious few

The flow of knowledge

If you think the words 'decisive' and 'fast-moving' could not appear in the same sentence as 'government-run utility lab', think again, as one large LIMS company bidding for business recently had to. Vanessa Spedding reports


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