US adopts Soviet-style five year plans for supercomputing

In a move that echoes past Soviet and current Chinese strategies of pursuing five year plans for economic and technology development, President Obama has committed the United States to a five-year National Strategic Computing Initiative to promote high-performance computing

Does the path to HPC for SMEs lie in the Cloud?

The challenge of opening up high-performance computing to smaller companies, and some national solutions to the problem were discussed at ISC High-Performance in Frankfurt last week. Tom Wilkie discovered that commercial, cloud-based solutions for small companies were also on display

A portal opens to German HPC centres

Germany is opening a window on its national HPC provision, in the hope that academic researchers and industrial users will beat a path to its door, as Tom Wilkie discovered at ISC High Performance in Frankfurt last week

Why do smaller companies shun HPC?

To compete, Europe needs to compute. But at last weeks ISC 2015 supercomputing conference, Tom Wilkie heard concerns that smaller companies are falling behind in their use of high-performance computing


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