Software speeds applications in Austin

Software for data analysis, system management, and for debugging other software will be among the innovations at SC15, the US Supercomputing event in Austin Texas this week. Novel and improved hardware will also be on display, together with an impressive array of initiatives from Europe in research and development leading up to Exascale computing

How can HPC help in pharma R&D?

High-performance computing can help pharmaceutical companies cut the time they spend on research and development, but as Richard Holland of the Pistoia Alliance points out, HPC is not a panacea and its deployment needs to be nuanced and appropriate

The oil industry gets a boost from HPC

The oil and gas industry can more effectively perform reservoir simulation, leading to more accurate evaluation of both new and old reservoirs thanks to bench-marking completed by Cray using its CPU/GPU based CS-Storm supercomputers.

Swiss to simulate weather using GPUs

The Swiss Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology (MeteoSwiss) has announced that it has taken delivery of the first GPU-accelerated supercomputer used to power the numerical weather forecasts

Intels Diane Bryant to give HPC Matters plenary at SC15

Intels Diane Bryant, senior vice president and general manager of Intels Data Center Group, has been selected as the HPC Matters plenary speaker at SC15, the annual conference on high performance computing (HPC), networking, storage and analysis


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