CrysScreen Version 2.0

Tecan has upgraded its CrysScreen software package with several improvements to guide crystallographers through the complexities of automated protein crystallography trials.

JChem Version 2

ChemAxon has released Instant JChem Version 2, a desktop application for working with chemical data on local and remote databases. The new release allows relational data support and advanced query building.

CES Selector

Granta Design has released a new version of CES Selector software to aid the selection of engineering materials and manufacturing processes.

ActivityBase XE

The latest in screening data management with ActivityBase XE - one integrated framework for all your research data

SciFinder 2007

SciFinder 2007, from Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) will make it easier for scientists to process records more conveniently, and to fine-tune their answer sets for chemistry-related literature, substances, and reactions.


Chemical Abstracts Service has introduced a number of enhancements in the CA and CAplus databases on STN, including additional content and features for more effective patent searching with IPC codes.

STN AnaVist Version 1.1

Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) and FIZ Karlsruhe have announced STN AnaVist version 1.1 analysis and visualisation software that provides customers with ways to share their visualisation results within their organisation.


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