Logistics 1.3

Symyx Technologies has launched Symyx Logistics 1.3, designed to improve R&D productivity and synthesis confidence by effectively managing the chemical reagent procurement and inventory tracking needs of laboratories and research centres.

STarStation 3.0

Applied Cytometry has released new control software for Luminex 100 and 200 multiplex assay detection systems that allow users of the Luminex MagPlex microsphere range to speed up assay preparation by switching to magnetic, rather than vacuum, separation of the microspheres.

Genedata Screener 5.5

Genedata has released Genedata Screener 5.5, its enterprise solution for high throughput and high content screening analysis.

ACD/Labs Enterprise software version 11

Version 11 of ACD/Labs Enterprise software is available, which streamlines chemical research; unifies processing and reporting of analytical results; and provides a system for integration, customisation potential, and distribution of analytical data, structures, and sample information.

Marvin and JChem version 5

ChemAxon has released version 5 of its cheminformatics toolkits, Marvin & JChem. The release sees major improvements in Marvin user friendliness, Markush enumeration and core development in JChem search, clustering and Oracle Cartridge performance.

JChem Extensions for KNIME

Infocom Corporation has launched JChem Extensions for KNIME, which allows researchers to deal with chemical structure data using ChemAxons software tools such as Marvin, JChem, Standardizer, on the KNIME open source workflow platform.

STN AnaVist

Chemical Abstracts Service and FIZ Karlsruhe have introduced a more powerful version of the STN AnaVist analysis and visualisation software. The newest version features the Derwent World Patents Index.


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