Discovery Studio 2.5

Accelrys has released Discovery Studio 2.5, an advanced computational chemistry and biology software environment for drug discovery

Isentris Personal Edition

Designed for small to mid-size R&D organisations and for individuals, Symyx Isentris Personal Edition brings advanced scientific information management, exploration and sharing capabilities to scientists without requiring an enterprise deployment

Marvin and JChem v5.2

ChemAxon has launched v5.2 of its cheminformatics toolkits Marvin and JChem, with many new functionalities added, new integration options and improvements in search performance


Biofocus DPI has released an enhanced version of its StarDrop software for guiding decisions in drug discovery. Users can access data from multiple sources and interface with industry standard platforms.

Symyx Draw 3.1

Symyx has released Symyx Draw 3.1, a software package for drawing chemical structures and querying for searching, registration, and collaboration.

ChemBioOffice Enterprise 10

CambridgeSoft has released ChemBioOffice Enterprise 10, which offers significant integration and data visualisation enhancements, as well as simplified installation and upgrade processes.

Isentris 3.1

Symyx Technologies has released the Symyx Isentris informatics system that provides many new, productivity-enhancing capabilities.

Marvin and JChem version 5.1

ChemAxon has launched version 5.1 of its cheminformatics toolkits, Marvin and JChem. As well as other improvements, the release sees the introduction of IUPAC name import, support for OLE 2 format useful for integrating with Microsoft Office applications.


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