Agilent Technologies has introduced OpenLAB, a software portfolio designed to provide methods for labs to capture, share, review and archive scientific data efficiently

Molegro Virtual Docker

Molegro has updated Molegro Virtual Docker, its integrated platform for computation drug design available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X

Lasergene v8.1

DNAStar has released Lasergene v8.1, the latest version of its sequence analysis software, incorporating a range of new features

ChemBioOffice Cloud

CambridgeSoft has introduced ChemBioOffice Cloud, an integrated informatics suite available to customers via the web, for fast, easy access to scientist-tested solutions in use at top pharmaceutical and biotech companies

Isentris 3.2

Symyx Technologies has released Isentris 3.2, its decision support system that enables scientists to explore, compare and report on information spanning multiple experiments captured in ELNs, LIMS, the Symyx Lab Execution and Analysis (LEA) software suite, and other information management systems

ChemMobi App

ChemMobi App, from Symyx Technologies, is now available for free via Apple's App Store, providing information on chemical structures, chemical properties, suppliers and other information in the Symyx databases directly on an iPhone or iPod touch


ChemBioConnect, a collaborative innovation from Imaginatik and CambridgeSoft, allows scientists to draw, view, edit, archive and search chemical structures and biological systems in a secure, robust collaboration and idea management environment

SARvision Plus 2.8

Altoris, a provider of cheminformatics software for drug discovery and basic research, has introduced SARvision Plus v2.8, a desktop application to visualise, mine and organise chemical data

JChem for Excel

ChemAxon has launched JChem for Excel, an add-in for Microsoft Excel that brings all of the capabilities and performance of the JChem and Marvin platform to Excel users

ChemBioOffice 10

CambridgeSoft has released ChemBioOffice 2010, the latest version of its suite of integrated scientific desktop applications designed to aid individual chemists and biologists at their desktops, while also providing a shared solution across an institution


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