OriginPro Coursework

OriginLab has announced it will begin offering an OriginPro Coursework package to students and instructors at the undergraduate and graduate levels of accredited academic institutions this coming semester

Mosaic Assay Requesting

Titian Software has announced that it will be introducing Mosaic Assay Requesting - a new module that is fully integrated in the Mosaic sample management software suite

ChemBioDraw 14.0

Adept Scientific has announced that PerkinElmer has released a new version of its desktop applications for chemical structure drawing and analysis, 3D molecular modelling and visualisation, and database search and management


Optibrium has launched Asteris, a joint collaboration with Integrated Chemistry Design. Asteris is an application that lets users draw chemical structures and predict chemical properties

Granta MI 7

Granta Design has announced the Granta MI 7 a materials information management software package

Accelrys Insight

Accelrys Insight and Accelrys Insight for Excel have been released, completing the roll-out of the company's next-generation cheminformatics suite and providing an interactive, collaborative environment for rapid and effective decision-making in drug discovery


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