FieldStere v2.0

Cresset has released a new version of its FieldStere bioisostere generator. FieldStere delivers shorter lead optimisation cycles to computational and medicinal chemists

Nexus Expression v2

BioDiscovery has released Nexus Expression v2 for gene expression analysis, which provides an intuitive yet powerful interface for using gene expression results to associate sample attributes with gene annotations and biological processes

IDBS Biomarker Discovery and Validation Solution

IDBS has launched the IDBS Biomarker Discovery and Validation Solution, which streamlines biomarker research and improves collaboration, intellectual property management, and scientific understanding of complex disease, leading to new therapies

Nexus DB

BioDiscovery has released Nexus DB, a new repository for storing, querying and sharing of genomic variation data from its Nexus Copy Number software

Nexus Copy Number 5.0

BioDiscovery has released v5 of its Nexus Copy Number software, an application for DNA copy number analysis of microarray derived data

OptiGen Library v2.0

NeuroDimension has released v2.0 of the OptiGen Library, an object-oriented programming interface, incorporating many optimisation techniques into one single package

Primer Premier

Premier Biosoft International has released Primer Premier v6, which allows users to design highly specific standard PCR and SNP genotyping assays

GeneSpring GX 11

Agilent Technologies has introduced GeneSpring GX 11, the latest version of its desktop software for visualising and analysing microarray data, as well as GeneSpring Workgroup 11, the enterprise version

GenomeQuest ChiP-Seq

GenomeQuest has introduced a ChiP-Seq workflow solution available as a web cloud service, providing tools for alignment, peak modelling and interactive analysis


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