4800 Plus/Protein Pilot

Applied Biosystems/MDS SCIEX has updated its 4800 Plus and its ProteinPilot proteomics software. These new advances are designed to enable non-expert proteomics instrument users to achieve higher throughput sample processing, greater depth of proteome coverage, greater statistical rigour, more confident protein detection and better quantitative results


GenoLogics has launched Proteus-Analytics, a new tightly integrated proteomics solution that combines the Proteus lab and data management solution from GenoLogics with Proteome Softwares ScaffoldBatch Analysis System

PredictionBase 6.1

IDBS has released the latest version of its in silico modelling application. PredictionBase 6.1 includes a new feature, the Model Quality Calculator that provides quality assurance of models.

Proteomics Application Suite

Thermo Electron has added several new software products to its Proteomics application suite, including SIEVE, a label-free differential expression analysis software, BioWorks 3.3, Tissue Imaging and ProSightPC.


The MathWorks has launched SimBiology, a graphical systems-biology tool that uses its mathematical engine to enable biologists to simulate, model, and analyse biochemical pathways in one integrated environment.

ActivityBase Xtended Edition

IDBS has launched the ActivityBase Xtended Edition (ActivityBase XE), which offers template design flexibility and facilitates incorporation of bespoke business rules for data verification.


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