Symyx Draw

New add-ins to the Symyx Draw software will allow users to calculate physical properties, generate IUPAC nomenclature, and predict NMR chemical shifts from within the chemical drawing software.

Symysx Isentris Version 3.0

Following its acquisition of MDLs products, Symyx Technologies has made several improvements to the MDL Isentris informatics system. Symyx Isentris Version 3.0 integrates information from both internal and external sources.

Bioinformatics Toolbox Version 3.0

The MathWorks has introduced a new version of the Bioinformatics Toolbox for Matlab. Version 3.0 includes improved functions for the analysis and visualisation of data from microarrays and mass spectrometers.

Screener Version 5.0

Genedata has released Genedata Screener Version 5.0, an enterprise solution for screen-to-lead research data analysis and management.


Thomson Scientific has released Bondplus, an integrated, web-based data platform to address the information requirements of biological researchers.


BioFocus DPI has released five new compound libraries targeting the ion channel gene family. The new libraries are aimed at two of the most important classes of ion channels for drug discovery.

ArrayStar v2.0

DNAStar has released ArrayStar v2.0, its new software for microarray gene expression analysis that provides visualisation and statistical analysis tools to permit researchers to rapidly and easily track changes in gene expression levels.


Bioinformatics company DNAStars ArrayStar microarray data analysis software has been designated compatible with the Affymetrix GeneChip microarray platform.


DNAStar has released ArrayStar v2.0, its new software for microarray gene expression analysis. The introduction of ArrayStar will allow DNAStar to compete in the rapidly growing microarray markets largest segment, gene expression analysis.


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