Ansys unveils release 17.0

Engineers across disciplines - from structures to fluids to electromagnetics to systems - will realise step-change improvements in the way they develop products using the newly released Ansys 17.0

HFSS update

Ansys has recently updated its tool for simulating 3D full-wave electromagnetic fields, HFSS, to include a 3D electrical layout interface as well as a planar 'method of moments' solver

Ansoft Designer 5.0 with Nexxim 5.0

Ansys has released Ansoft Designer 5.0 with Nexxim 5.0, an engineering simulation platform and integrated technology that supports simulation-driven product development of electronic products

SIwave 4.0

Ansys has released v4.0 of its SIWave software, with new features for signal integrity, power integrity and electromagnetic compatibility testing

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