ACD/ChemAnalytical Workbook

ACD/Labs has released ACD/ChemAnalytical Workbook, an all-in-one experiment, workflow, and data management tool that allows scientists to document analytical information

ACD/Column Selector update

ACD/Labs and researchers at AstraZeneca and HiChrom have made an updated version of their free software tool for reversed-phase HPLC column selection available for download. The new version adds 47 new columns to the database.

ACD/Labs Enterprise software version 11

Version 11 of ACD/Labs Enterprise software is available, which streamlines chemical research; unifies processing and reporting of analytical results; and provides a system for integration, customisation potential, and distribution of analytical data, structures, and sample information.

ACD/Analytical Automation Suite

ACD/Labs has released is ACD/Analytical Automation Suite, which is a modular software package that automates processing and interpretation of spectral and chromatographic data.

ACD/Labs Version 11.0

ACD/Labs Version 11.0 from Advanced Chemistry Development includes updates to its desktop NMR, mass spectrometry (MS), and optical spectroscopy products.


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