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Food safety first

Facing mounting pressures to ensure full traceability, quality and regulatory compliance, food and drink companies turn to informatics. Beth Sharp investigates

A blending of strengths

With the adoption of new device technologies and widespread use of heterogeneous systems, the nature of HPC systems and even the definition of a server are changing. Paul Schreier explains

Going through the process

Mapping production processes is far from simple given the many aspects that need consideration. Industry professionals offer Beth Sharp their views

Tried and tested

Beth Sharp explores the informatics landscape in pharmaceutical testing laboratories

At your service

Self-service informatics solutions - are they really what theyre cracked up to be? Dr Stephen Gallagher, CEO at Dotmatics, shares his view

Integrating for success

Molecular modelling has become a staple tool of the pharmaceutical industry but it is at its most useful when combined with insight from the lab, writes Siân Harris

In this case

Felix Grant delves into the real-world application of statistical software

Painting by numbers

From Baroque painters to the aesthetics of environment, Felix Grant turns his attention to statistical analysis in the arts