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Intelligent interconnects

Robert Roe looks at how interconnect technology is helping to change the landscape of high-performance computing

Where to put a wind farm

Gemma Church finds out how simulation software aids and optimises the decisions behind siting a wind farm

Telling data's story

Gemma Church talks to data visualisation company Golden Software about three decades in business, Microsoft bugs and working in the geoscience arena

How is life different in the cloud?

In her second article on cloud computing, Sophia Ktori looks at how both vendors and customers of informatics systems are having to change their IT culture

Rise of the machines

Gemma Church investigates how simulation software models the equipment used in the oil and gas industry

The changing face of CAE

Gemma Church talks to engineering simulation company Altair about how Computer Aided Engineering has become mainstream

Simulation apps for everyone

In her profile of simulation software company Comsol, Gemma Church hears about creating modelling applications to further the reach of multiphysics simulation

Life in the cloud

In the first of two articles about informatics software as a service, Sophia Ktori looks at the motivations for transferring to the cloud

A quantum leap in processors?

Adrian Giordani reports on progress in quantum computing and carbon nanotubes, but finds their commercial application still lies some way in the future

The cutting Edge of data management

In her profile of The Edge Software Consultancy, Sophia Ktori discusses how the company is expanding its portfolio to address the challenges of data analytics as well as data management

Managing resources in the cloud

Sophia Ktori continues her series profiling informatics companies by looking at how GoInformatics offers software as a service over the cloud

The social engineering network

Company profile: Gemma Church talks to engineering software house Esteco about simulations evolving into strategic decisions for companies and creating a social network for engineers

Computing Canadas future

Mark Dietrich outlines how Canada is building a digital infrastructure to transform the country from an economy based on natural resources to a knowledge-based economy

Solutions not just technology

Companies, from integrators to high-end suppliers, are all focused on the customer, as Tom Wilkie discovers in a survey of the marketplace for HPC systems

How to make HPC happen in Europe

Leonardo Flores Añover and Augusto Burgueño Arjona from the European Commission discuss how and why Europe should play a leading role globally in HPC

Making lighter work of heavy data

Continuing her company profiles, Sophia Ktori finds that Waters NuGenesis is differentiated because it can capture data from any instrument in the laboratory

Simulating one step at a time

Maplesoft has expanded beyond symbolic computing to mathematical modelling and simulation, as Gemma Church reports in the second of her series of company profiles

Software softens energy demands

Software approaches to energy efficiency in HPC may yield unexpected improvements in the hardware of next-generation mobile phone networks, Tom Wilkie discovers

Parallel programs need new maths

From the PRACEdays15 conference in Dublin, Tom Wilkie and Robert Roe report on the inadequacies of Open Source and commercial software, support for Irish industry, and HPC policies in Europe and Japan

Future processing technologies

In the second article in his series on future hardware for HPC, Robert Roe looks at alternatives to the x86, including server on a chip and OpenPower

Why scientists should care about storage

As the Large Hadron Collider restarts at Cern, data storage has become as important to scientists as compute power. But, as Tom Wilkie reports, the innovative technologies being developed have much wider applications

Taking action on big data

Today the US National Consortium for Data Science is an active and growing organisation. Stan Ahalt discusses how and why it came into being

Simplifying simulation

Robert Roe investigates the use of simulation within the aerospace industry and the steps taken to reduce the complexity of software for engineers

Out with the old and out with the internal

Outsourcing, end-of-life LIMS, and disruptive technologies such as the cloud, are driving changes to the laboratory informatics landscape, as Tom Wilkie discovered at the Paperless Lab Academy

Change and continuity

What happens when a relatively small informatics company is acquired by a very large healthcare corporation? Tom Wilkie looks at the case of Abbott Informatics and Starlims

Discovering the tools that aid innovation

Work in the R&D laboratory starts with an idea and an experiment, not a sample. Sophia Ktori investigates how informatics packages are tailored to make life easier for scientists in the discovery laboratory

Future clears for HPC

Global investment in high-performance computing is being ramped up in the headlong march towards Exascale, writes Robert Roe

Informatics bites back

From safety and nutrition to contamination and complaints, the food and beverage industry deals with it all. Rebecca Pool talks to key players to find out exactly why informatics systems are now so crucially important