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Stake your life on a LIMS

Doctors depend on pathology labs for accurate diagnoses, and path labs depend on ever more sophisticated LIMS, Peter Rees reports

Stuck in the middleware

Grid computing won't happen without glue to hold it together, as Michael Kenward finds when investigating middleware

The measures of Mankind

People differ in many ways, which is why biometrics is a booming business and why Michael Kenward found a wealth of related websites

Chemical brain in a box

ChemBrain doesn't look unusual. It has a straightforward Windows interface and dialogue boxes, albeit in an older style and perhaps slightly inelegant in places. But, aesthetics aside, ChemBrain is different, reports David Bradley

Is life too complex?

Complex systems are a growing area of research, and finding good sites can be complicated, says Michael Kenward

internet research on the internet

The Internet is itself a suitable case for research, as Michael Kenward found when surfing sites on the Web given over to research on the Web into the Web

Chromatography integrates well

The way to interface and integrate chromatography data systems is a major theme in this issue's review of laboratory information management systems, writes Phillip Hill

Adding up the value of maths

Companies should regard mathematical calculations as a form of corporate knowledge to be retained and re-used, Allen Razdow, one of the founders of Mathsoft, told Tom Wilkie.

Electronic impetus mounts

Once again the paperless laboratory, particularly in connection with the US Food and Drug Administration's Rule 21 CFR Part 11, is one of the main themes in the latest crop of LIMS advances and announcements. By Phillip Hill

Information overload

Trevor De Silva and Geoff Parker, from the consultancy Scimcon, discuss the causes of the data explosion in the laboratory, and suggest ways to tame it

on the paper trail

The paperless laboratory, and managing information for life sciences' researchers, are among the themes discernible during SCW's regular review of the LIMS world, Tom Wilkie writes

keeping up with technology

Virtual instrumentation is changing the way scientists measure and automate the world. Gricha Raether of National Instruments assesses recent developments in this cutting edge field

the UK e-science Grid

Tony Hey and Anne Trefethen outline the efforts being made to help the UK meet the challenges of computing across the Grid

choosing the right client

The old Latin riddle 'Quis custiodet ipsos custiodes?' ('Who guards the guardians themselves?') is a good one for scientists and managers to ponder when they are considering the integrity of data in LIMS. Alex Crawford reports

Structures and science

Robert DeWitte, Marketing Director of ACD Labs, tells Tom Wilkie how Russian scientists' deep understanding of chemical structure grew into a global software business.