Telling data's story

Gemma Church talks to data visualisation company Golden Software about three decades in business, Microsoft bugs and working in the geoscience arena

Education, simulation and optimisation

Over the past 40 years of change, two things have remained constant, Tom Wilkie discovers: the role of mathematics and the need for highly educated and talented people

Sound and science

Jean-Louis Migeot argues that acoustic simulation needs to be an early part of any product design and that software is now available to ensure it can be done easily

Testing times

Statistical testing need no longer be difficult or time-consuming, according to Felix Grant

Simulation shifts gear

In the drive for efficiency, simulation is the key to powertrain design, as Warren Clark discovers

Too big for its boots

The rise and rise of big data promises to drive increasingly imaginative scientific computing approaches, 
says Felix Grant

Pretty as a picture

What is the impact of the graphical visualisation of data within scientific computing? Felix Grant investigates

Taming turbulence

Beth Harlen investigates why turbulence remains one of the great unsolved physics problems


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