Laboratory informatics

All part of the service

Contract laboratories must constantly adapt to meet the requirements of their clients and employ flexible data management solutions to do so, as Greg Blackman finds out

Food for a future

Science and scientific computing can buy us time to cope with the demographic timebomb of population growth, says Felix Grant

Fuelling the future

Greg Blackman looks at how data management software is used in the petrochemical industry

Down by the sea

Felix Grant fishes for data analysis applications among the mysteries of the deep

A taste for LIMS

Greg Blackman looks at the role LIMS, as well as data management software as a whole, plays in putting food on our plates

Data pharming

Greg Blackman looks at some of the current trends taking place in the pharmaceutical industry with regards to data management

Criminal patterns

Felix Grant finds statistical processes applied to the social sciences, and in particular, to crime

Beauty is skin deep

Felix Grant assesses the value of data analysis software in the development and use of surface coatings


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