Laboratory informatics

All part of the service

The unique requirements of contract research organisations (CROs) demand the deployment of sophisticated informatics systems, as Beth Harlen discovers

From farm to fork

The depth and quality of testing within agriculture is vital for ensuring food safety. Three experts share their views of how informatics aids the process

Tapping into laboratory computing

The journey of water from reservoir to tap involves many tests. Siân Harris finds out why systems such as LIMS play an important role in environmental labs

Refining the oil processes

The petrochemical industry is big, efficient and never sleeps. Siân Harris finds out what role informatics plays in keeping this industry running

Food safety first

Facing mounting pressures to ensure full traceability, quality and regulatory compliance, food and drink companies turn to informatics. Beth Sharp investigates

Tried and tested

Beth Sharp explores the informatics landscape in pharmaceutical testing laboratories


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