Laboratory informatics

How is life different in the cloud?

In her second article on cloud computing, Sophia Ktori looks at how both vendors and customers of informatics systems are having to change their IT culture

Life in the cloud

In the first of two articles about informatics software as a service, Sophia Ktori looks at the motivations for transferring to the cloud

Managing resources in the cloud

Sophia Ktori continues her series profiling informatics companies by looking at how GoInformatics offers software as a service over the cloud

The cutting Edge of data management

In her profile of The Edge Software Consultancy, Sophia Ktori discusses how the company is expanding its portfolio to address the challenges of data analytics as well as data management

Making lighter work of heavy data

Continuing her company profiles, Sophia Ktori finds that Waters NuGenesis is differentiated because it can capture data from any instrument in the laboratory


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