Laboratory informatics

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Unlocking new treatments with AI

Scientists and researchers are using AI to help accelerate the discovery of new drugs for a wide variety of different medical applications, writes Robert Roe

Synergy between man and machine

The failure of a candidate drug can cost millions – so many chemists are turning to software that provides modelling capabilities and multi-parameter optimisation

The future of laboratory informatics

Robert Roe interviews laboratory informatics software providers who discuss potentially disruptive technologies and their impact on the laboratory informatics market

Ensuring data integrity

Darren Barrington-Light, senior manager product marketing for Thermo Fisher Scientific, explains the importance of integrating LIMS into the pharmaceutical data chain

Laboratory Informatics Guide 2018

Welcome to our Laboratory Informatics Guide 2018.

Over the few years that Europa Science has been producing the Laboratory Informatics Guide, one constant has been the fact that the informatics industry does not stand still for long.

In this guide, we look at the effect that artificial intelligence (AI) technology is having on healthcare research, how 2017 was a year of change for laboratory informatics, what the future looks like, and much more.

Paperless Lab Academy 2018

This year the Paperless Lab Academy (#PLA2018) conference will move to a new location overlooking Lake Maggiore on the southern side of the Alps, near Milan, Italy. The central theme will focus on how to ‘Empower your eData Life Cycle.’


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