Providing an HPC blueprint

Robert Roe discovers that the High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS) is laying the foundation for application-driven HPC – through a programme of training, education and hardware procurement

Memories of the future

Robert Roe investigates developments in memory technology aimed at the next generation of HPC applications

Promoting freedom of choice in HPC

As AMD launches its latest FirePro GPU, Robert Roe investigates a new suite of open-source tools, released by the company that convert code from CUDA into C++

Speeding up the storage stack

Robert Roe discusses the merits of the latest storage technologies, including a push by storage providers to develop end-to-end platforms featuring intelligent data management systems

Creating balance in HPC

Robert Roe investigates the motivation behind the architectural changes to Europe’s fastest supercomputer, Piz Daint, housed at the Swiss National Computing Centre

Solutions not just technology

Companies, from integrators to high-end suppliers, are all focused on the customer, as Tom Wilkie discovers in a survey of the marketplace for HPC systems

Computing Canadas future

Mark Dietrich outlines how Canada is building a digital infrastructure to transform the country from an economy based on natural resources to a knowledge-based economy


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