CAE turns to HPC

Robert Roe interviews Ansys’ Wim Slagter on the value of HPC technology within the CAE market

Continental ambitions

Robert Roe looks at European and North America efforts to establish exascale computing programmes in the next five to seven years

HPC unearths glacial flow

Robert Roe looks at research from the University of Alaska that is using HPC to change the way we look at the movement of ice sheets

Whatever the weather

Gemma Church explores the use of modelling and simulation to predict weather and climate patterns

Accelerating demand

Robert Roe reviews the latest in accelerator technology and finds that GPUs and coprocessors will be key fixtures in the future of deep learning

Storage ambitions

Robert Roe finds that commoditisation of flash and SSD technology and the uptake of machine learning and AI applications are driving new paradigms in storage technology.


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